Oiwan Lam · February, 2010

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China: Website registration system

  23 February 2010

According to Sohu IT news on February 22, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has issued a notice and demanded a further enforcement of the website registration and verification system, or the so-called white listing of the Chinese Internet. The latest requirement demands the webmaster to go to...

China: Police shut down hacking school

  10 February 2010

As the Google hacking incident is turning into an international scandal, the China Daily News released the news that Chinese police had cracked down the country's largest hacking school in Hubei back in November 2009. The report seems to suggest that hacking is a private business and has nothing to...

China: More than 100 thousand websites shut down

  3 February 2010

According to Southern Metropolis’ report on 18 Jan 2010, more than 100 thousand websites have been shut down in China since the white list policy has come into effect in December 2009. Self employed individuals who tried to maintain their business online were affected the most. The internet cleaning was...