Sami Ben Gharbia · June, 2008

My personal blog is at [fikra] فكرة (which means idea in Arabic).
I'm the co-founder of (which means the core in Arabic), a Tunisian collective blog about news and politics.

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27 June 2008

Advox Conference: Andrey Abozau talks about the Belarusian situation

Talk given to the Global Voices Summit 2008 Session “Toward a Global anti-censorship network” on 27th June 2008 | View | Upload your own

26 June 2008

Advox workshops: Robert Guerra on the user perspective

Online Free Speech: Toward a global anti-censorship movement – The User perspective from robertguerra What do people really use, challenges they have, and recommendations for the future.

Advox workshops: Rob Faris on Internet filtering

The future of Internet filtering and the role for activists in documenting filtering. The changing political, legal, social and technical aspects of Internet filtering and discuss a new distributed tool...

Advox workshops: Nart Villeneuve on Detecting internet filtering

Detecting internet filtering Some techniques that people can use to increase the accuracy of censorship reports. | View | Upload your own

Advox workshops: Roger Dingledine on Tor and blocking resistance

A brief overview of Tor and its blocking-resistance design What assumptions we make about government firewalls, how our circumvention approach actually works, and how it's going so far. And if possible, addressing...

13 June 2008

Moldavia: sequestration of personal computers of 12 young people for posting critical comments online

On June 4th, 2008, the Râşcani District Court from the Moldavian capital of Kishinev has ordered the sequestration of personal computers of about 12 young people who expressed critical opinions...

4 June 2008

Blog for a Cause! guide is now available in Arabic

Blog for a Cause!, the Global Voices Guide of Blog Advocacy, is now available in Arabic thanks to this translation by the Egyptian journalist and blogger Amr Magdi. The guide...

2 June 2008

Egypt: Blogger Kareem El Beheiry released

Egyptian blogger Kareem El Beheiry has been released yesterday from prison. Kareem was arrested by Egyptian police in connection with the April 6th strike in support of the textile workers...

Defending free speech online

Global Voices, Global Voices Advocacy and Média Hungária are pleased to announce the Global Voices Citizen Media Summit 2008, taking place in Budapest, Hungary on June 27-28, 2008. The first...

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