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Walid Al-Saqaf is a print/online journalist turned cyber activist. He is the founder and administrator of Yemen Portal (yemenportal.net), a news and multi-content aggregator focused on content on his country (Yemen). His website got banned from access in Yemen by the authorities presumably for content the government considered harmful to ‘the national interest’. In response, he started an anti-censorship campaign (through blocked.arabiaportal.net) that resonated internationally. He currently stands as one of a few Arab cyber activists working on censorship circumventing technologies, the latest being the “Access YemenPortal” Firefox plug-in that was inspired by Iranian Hamed Saber's “Access Flickr!” extension. Walid holds a Master in Global Journalism and is currently pursuing his PhD at Örebro University in Sweden. He can be reached on admin [at] yemenportal [dot] net.

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Latest posts by Walid Al-Saqaf

11 February 2014

Privacy vs. Free Speech? Questioning the Conflict

"In the Arab world...we are still struggling to have our voices heard. I cannot accept the idea that the fight has now moved to the area of surveillance and away...

25 November 2013

The Internet as a Catalyst for Change in Yemen

ISOC-Yemen Chair Walid Al-Saqaf maps out goals for increasing Internet access and using the Internet to promote economic growth and government transparency.

4 May 2009

Yemeni authorities prevents 6 newspapers from distribution

Yemeni government ordered the confiscation of six national newspapers, whose copies were pulled from the news stands and markets across the country yesterday alleging their role in promoting secessionism and...

6 February 2009

Yemeni online journalist sends urgent appeal after death threats and hacking of his website

Mohamed Al-Jabali, the editor of Akhbaralasr news website is the latest casualty in a wave of intimidations targeting bloggers and online journalists in Yemen. In a statement made yesterday, Al-Jabali...

23 November 2008

Yemeni blogger appeals to prevent possible assassination

In a rather emotional entry posted on his blog, Nashwan Abdu Ali Ghanim, a Yemeni blogger with blogs on maktoobblogs.com and kitab.com called upon international advocacy groups and the Arab...

23 September 2008

Yemen: Loui Has Been Set Free!

Yemen Hurr website announced yesterday in a press release that its founder and editor-in-chief Loui Al-Moayed has been released from prison yesterday after about more than 70 days in detention....

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