· October, 2007

Stories about China from October, 2007

China: YouTube blocked and then some

18 October 2007

Is YouTube blocked in China? YouTube is blocked in China. And accompanying the news are more mentions of pathological GFW paroxysms than usual; blogspot is back, so is Flickr, sort of, and for a period of time yesterday, Live.com, Yahoo.com and blogsearch.google.cn were either inaccessible or being re-routed back to...

China: Can using a proxy tool be dangerous?

  16 October 2007

Just days before we were reminded that China remains the world's largest “prison” for bloggers and online journalists, with the former now at as great a threat as traditional reporters, and just three days before the Seventeenth Party Congress put the country on edge, a post appeared on V2EX, an...

Two interesting documents on censorship

11 October 2007

Two interesting documents related to Internet censorship and circumvention were published yesterday: (1) “Everyone's Guide to By-Passing Internet Censorship for Citizens Worldwide”. This is a rich and user-friendly guide released by The University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab, which is meant to introduce non-technical users to Internet censorship circumvention technologies, and...

China: Removing the blocked RSS rumor

9 October 2007

Very annoying hearsay and bullshit is how the anonymous rumor from this past weekend that all RSS feeds have been blocked in China has been judged by bloggers both in the country itself, and those with years of posts spent dealing precisely with this ever-frustrating and -evolving complex matter; Jeremy...