· April, 2009

Stories about China from April, 2009

China: Free Wu Baoquan

  21 April 2009

Soon after Wang Shuai's defamation case spread widely via media report and got strong public support, the Henan province police apologized to Wang and he was given a symbolic compensation of RMB783.93. However, another outraging case has been exposed in inner Mongolia. A netizen, Wu Baoquan (吴保全), who had exposed...

China: Netizen jailed for 8 days for mocking local government

  16 April 2009

A 24 year-old netizen Wang Shuai was jailed for 8 days for posting pictures that mocked at illegal land requisition in Henan Ningbao county in 6 March. Latest update on 17 of April from jinhua.cn via sz7 in the comment: Henan province police chief apologized to Wang and he was...

Boycotting Ultraman and SARFT's regulations taking effect

6 April 2009

Last week, the State Administration of Radio Film and Television (SARFT)'s latest regulations demanded that “all movies, T.V soap opera, animation, video documentary could not be uploaded to the Internet without permission”. According to chinaz.com's webmaster report, one of the most famous animation website kaicn.com had recently been shut down...

China: Tightening control over Internet audio-visual content

  1 April 2009

Although Youtube has been unblocked, the China administration is determined to control audio and video content circulated in the Internet. On March 30, the State Administration of Radio Film and Television (SARFT) issued an administrative notice, “Concerning the tightening of management on Internet audio-visual content”, to provincial and muncipal level...