· August, 2009

Stories about China from August, 2009

China: Netizen detained for “spreading rumor”

  27 August 2009

A netizen Xiong Zhongjun has been detained by Hubei police for questioning the identity of a car accident driver on the Internet. The 10-day detention started on 21 of August according to Xinhua report. The car accident, which led to the death of a young man, took place in Hangzhou...

China: A youth beaten to death because of Internet addiction

14 August 2009

Last month, the Chinese Ministry of Health announced that electroshock treatment for “internet addiction” should be suspended. However, it doesn't mean that clinic for treating “Internet addiction” has given up the use of torture. Recently in Aug 03, a 16-year-old male student, surnamed Deng, was beaten to death in a...