· July, 2010

Stories about China from July, 2010

China: Uighur blogger sentenced to 15 year imprisonment

  24 July 2010

According to uighurbiz.net, Uighur reporter and blogger Gheyret Niyaz(海來特.尼亞孜)has been sentenced to 15 year imprisonment on July 23 under the charge of “endangering national security” In Urumqi, Xinjiang. The main reason for the prosecution was his interview with overseas media outlet on the Xinjiang 7.5 riot last year. He was...

China: Sohu.com removed online public opinion leaders’ blog accounts

15 July 2010

Sohu.com, one of the most popular portal website in China, removed more than a hundred bloggers from its blog hosting service on July 14 2010. Many of them are influential public opinion leaders, political dissidents and citizen rights activists, including: He Weifang (賀衞芳)- a legal expert and citizen rights lawyer...

China: Cracking down on micro-blogging

  15 July 2010

According to today's Apple Daily News, the Propaganda Department and State Council Information Office have taken joint action in strengthening the control over micro-blogging services. Since Twitter and Facebook was blocked in China, the development of social media services have been booming. Most of the portal websites, such as Sina,...

China: Online grumble punished with one-year reform-through-labour

  6 July 2010

Tang Lin joined the “Kidney-stone-baby parent” network in 2008 as he suspected the cause of his baby's death was due to melamine contamination of infant milk formula. Since then, he kept paying visit petition to the Chinese authorities but was neglected. According to nddaily.com (via 163.com page removed), in May...