Ali Abdulemam

Ali Abdulemam (Bahrain) since 1999, has created, managed and maintained, the #1 website in Bahrain with over 100,000 daily hits. In collaboration, Mr. Abdulemam started, the first online media outlet registered in Bahrain. Just this year, Ali developed a new source of information online, He has been active in international workshops and conferences discussing on the topics of freedom of expression and the Bahraini media environment.

Latest posts by Ali Abdulemam

Bahrain: Threatening Online activism and blocking more sites

Minister of media and culture Mai Alkhalifa in her first interview with BNA (Bahrain News Agency) which is managed by her, again she threatening the online activism and said the...

Bloggers called for “code of Ethics” in Bahrain

Bloggers from Bahrain called for “code of Ethic” to avoid ” hate speech” in Bahrain, Bloggers said ” sectarian and discrimination became very hot topic in the blogs and we...

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