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Global Voices Advocacy is a project of Global Voices Online. We are a global network of bloggers and online activists dedicated to protecting freedom of expression and free access to information online. We report on threats to online speech, share tactics for defending the work and words of netizens, and support efforts to improve Internet policy and practice worldwide.

As bloggers, activists, journalists and savvy Internet users, we recognize that universal human rights to free expression, access to information, and privacy are being challenged by governments, companies, and other powerful actors worldwide. With over 1300 contributors in 120 countries, we believe that the Global Voices community is uniquely positioned to do something about this. We aim to leverage our great strength – our networks, our knowledge, and the voices we seek to amplify – to make our site a central space for anyone eager to learn about emerging issues, discover advocacy efforts, and work together as new challenges emerge and old fights continue.


Ellery Roberts Biddle, a writer and Internet policy researcher from the US, is the director of Global Voices Advocacy. She joined the Global Voices community in 2010, writing exclusively about Internet access issues in Cuba, and soon expanded her horizons to the wilds of the global digital rights community. Oiwan Lam serves as our resident China expert and editor, alongside her role as Global Voices’ East Asia editor.  Global Voices Advocacy was founded in 2007 by Sami ben Gharbia, a Tunisian free speech advocate and blogger, and later directed by Moroccan blogger and activist Hisham Almiraat. Both remain members of the Global Voices community.

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Our contributors are bloggers, activists, journalists, technologists, lawyers and Internet policy experts from around the world. Please contact us if you would like to join our community! 

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hivos (1)This project is made possible thanks to the generous and committed support of Dutch non-profit Hivos that works to promote human development worldwide.

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