Please use our logo when reporting on Global Voices or sharing our stories. Like all of Global Voices, the logos are licensed as Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY). Thank you for using them with care.

The Advox colors are red #D10006, black #000000 and white #FFFFFF

Wide, non-transparent logos for sharing

Ideal for Facebook and WordPress featured images or thumbnails.

White logo on red background

Advox Logo

PNG: 1200px

Red and black logo on white background.

PNG: 1200px

PNG: 1200px

Wide transparent logos for general use

These images have transparent backgrounds, so they can integrate with any design. They are cropped tight so please ensure the images have appropriate padding/margins when displayed.

White logo for use on dark backgrounds

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PNG: 2400px 800px VECTOR: .ai

Red and black logo for use on light backgrounds

Advox logo

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Square logos for avatars

White icon on red background

Global Voices Advox

PNG: 2400px 600px VECTOR: .ai

Red icon on white background

Global Voices Advox

PNG: 2400px 600px VECTOR: .ai

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