Advocacy 2.0 Guide: Tools for Digital Advocacy – ARCHIVED

ARCHIVED: This guide was created in 2007 and hence reflects trends and popular approaches to advocacy from that period in time. We maintain this page on our site as an archive for readers interested in the history of online advocacy.

This page is also available in: Spanish, Macedonian, Bangla, Portuguese and Arabic.

The Advocacy 2.0 Guide (Tools for Digital Advocacy) describes some of the best techniques and tools that digital activists – and others who wish to learn from this subject – can use as part of their online advocacy campaigns. While our previous guide (Blog for a Cause!) focused on the effective use of blogs as an advocacy tool, this guide will explore creative uses of other web 2.0 applications.

Our goal is to:

  • Aggregate web 2.0 tools for advocacy
  • Provide detailed instructions on how to use them
  • Highlight successful experiences of web 2.0 activism by local digital activists around the world.
  • Inspire other activists to adopt these strategies in ways that serve their specific goals and needs.

From “Geo-bombing” to “multi-blogging” and Twitter to “mash-ups”, we explore the field of digital advocacy, helping activists reach out to audiences they may never have reached before.

Geo-bombing: YouTube + Google Earth
GeobombingGeo-bombing is one of the techniques that can be employed to enable more effective dissemination of your YouTube videos campaign through Google mapping applications like Google Maps and Google Earth. Now you can watch your geotagged videos inside Google Earth and Google Maps. Any geo-tagged YouTube video will show up. [read more…]

Cross-posting for Advocacy
Cross-postingThis guide offers us a brief introduction to how to use cross-posting for online advocacy campaign. It reviews different web 2.0 tools, showcasing successful examples where cross-posting has been used for advocacy. The guide also includes the pros and cons of the cross-posting technique. [read more…]

SEO Tips for Advocacy Bloggers
seoSEO Tips for Advocacy Bloggers shows you how to apply search engine optimization to grow your readership and influence more people. It is a simplified guide that even non-techies can find it easy to follow and benefit from. [read more…]