Tunisia seems to have blocked access to Facebook

Tunisia seems to have blocked access to Facebook today. Some Tunisian bloggers in the country report being unable to access the popular social networking website and took several screenshots of the fake 404 blockpage.

Tunisia is also blocking access, permanently, to both popular video-sharing websites, Youtube (since Since November 2nd, 2007) and Dailymotion (since Septembre 3rd, 2007)


  • Kell

    Seriously I am fuming about this!! I live in Tunisia and I am English this is the main way I stay in touch with my friends and family in the UK and they have blocked it!! damn right disgusting and I want to know if we can do anything about it??

  • Kell

    Absolutely disgusting – Lisa I agree being an English expat in Tunisia and using Facebook to stay in touch with my friends and family as the price to ring from Tunisia is out of this world I am so angry and appalled!!

    I can not believe this and what is next! so called freedom of speech and all the rest they preach and they block sites for their own ridiculous reasons.

    The internet in Tunisia is not at its best let alone blocking sites, we need to do something!

  • This is madness and there seems to be no one that can stop it.

  • Nestie

    its awful im tunisian and i m ashamed, why the hell did they block facebook..:'( its not fair,those peice of shit are damn idiot,they blocked youtube and we said nothg but now facebook?? why the hell is this,how can i contact my best friend who lives away,how can i contact my family memebers who lives outside tunisia? msn is not enaf,what r they gonna block soon?? msn?skype?yahoo? they have to block all so we become more stupid :@ i m angry with that,they are evn banning all sites and proxys we may use,they are controling everythg as if they r keeping an eye on us on our own houses,thts awful,its disgusting,wt they want?tht we watch tv and thts all? they hv to do smthg i cant use net anymore i feel borred and its awful i wanna facebook back soon,hope they ll recognize tht wt they hv done is sooooo damn wrong and idiot :@

  • stranga

    Is the tunisian state that vulnerable that even facebook can destablize it or cause unrest? COME ON! how long can they keep people’s head and their own heads in the sand? let people talk and communicate, it’s not like they can do anything!!! I am an expat in tunisia too, there are many things I like about this country, but facebook was trully my only mean to keep in touch with all my social networks be it freinds or family, I beleive blocking facebook is a shortsighted decision that will do more harm than good (if any)! I just wonder: which leg of the state is responsible for such actions? maybe they can be reasoned with at a level headed way!

  • Where do we go, how can we be heard! I’m gutted like the rest of you!

  • Does anyone have more info about ANCHOR FREE? I’ve been on the site but a little unsure about what to download?

  • cuzdatain'tright

    Hey guyz.. I am back.. Anchor Free does work, but just becareful not to pass it around to quickly or I am worried somehow that will get hacked.. I’m paranoid now.. Been here for over a month now, luckly I leave in a week or so.. How are all the expats doing? Hope well with all this madness. :) Well Any fellow Gringoes out there? ha! Best of luck to every one…

  • Cut

    Sorry for our country idiocy, for everyone who wants to use internet in tunisia, try “freegate”
    all sites works

  • […] The ban on the popular social networking website Facebook has been lifted in Tunisia since yesterday 3 September 2008 after a massive protest by Tunisian Netizens. Tens of Facebook groups protesting the ban have popped up in recent weeks surrounding this issue. But, according to Al Chourouk newspaper, the President Ben Ali intervened personally ordering the lifting of the ban and restoring access to the website. […]

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