Netizen Report Team · September, 2012

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Netizen Report: Halal-net Edition

  28 September 2012

This week's Netizen Report starts in Iran, which appears to have made major strides toward launching its own national Internet network. It's unclear as of yet what the network will look like, but some speculate it will be similar to China's Great Firewall.

Netizen Report: YouTube Edition

  21 September 2012

This week's report begins with a discussion of Google's handling of the movie trailer 'Innocence of Muslims' on YouTube, which has sparked worldwide debate about the relationship between hate speech and free speech, and the interaction between national sovereignty and the exercise by Internet companies of a private sort of sorverignty over people's digital lives - with real world implications. From there, we move on to Bahrain, Kyrgyzstan, China, the United States and beyond.

Netizen Report: Corporate Responsibility Edition

  12 September 2012

This week's report begins with Swedish-Finnish telecom TeliaSonera, which has faced criticism for its collaboration with authoritarian regimes in Tajikistan, Azerbaijian and other Eastern European and Central Asian countries. From there, we return to Jordan for an update on the #BlackoutJO protests. Then, we turn to Argentina, Brazil and beyond.

Netizen Report: #BlackOutJO Edition

  6 September 2012

This week's report begins in Jordan, where Internet activists have staged a website blackout in protest of amendments to law that would require websites to obtain licenses and bear legal responsibility for user comments. From there, we move on to Ukraine, Gaza, Myanmar and beyond.