Netizen Report Team · December, 2012

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Netizen Report: Surveillance Edition

  21 December 2012

This week's Netizen Report begins in the UK, where a Parliamentary committee has sent back the British Communications Data Bill for giving overly sweeping surveillance powers to government. From there, we recap highlights from the recent WCIT conference. Then, we move to China, Egypt, and beyond.

Netizen Report: Magna Carta Edition

  12 December 2012

In this week's Netizen Report we begin in the Philippines, where a "Magna Carta for Philippine Internet Freedom" has been proposed to replace the controversial Cybercrime Prevention Act. While including punishments for libel and cybercrime, the new legislation also guarantees the rights and protection of Internet users. From there, we move on to WCIT, Ireland, Kazakhstan and beyond.

Netizen Report: WCIT Edition

  6 December 2012

This week's Netizen Report begins in Dubai, where the World Conference on Information Technology is underway. The meeting will review the current International Telecommunications Regulations that serve as the rules of digital connections and could make important decisions regarding the future of Internet governance. From there, we move to Costa Rica, South Africa, and beyond.