Netizen Report Team · January, 2014

This is the account for the team who research, write, and edit the weekly Netizen Report on Global Voices Advocacy. Since the authors change every week, we list the contributors, authors, and editors of each week's edition at the top of every post.

Latest posts by Netizen Report Team from January, 2014

Netizen Report: Terror Group Forces Internet Shutdowns in Somalia

In this edition we cover Al Shabab's attack on the Somali Internet, citizen surveillance schemes in Ukraine and India, and the UK's wayward new porn filters.

Netizen Report: Winter Olympics Bring Chilling Effects to the RuNet

This week's Netizen Report begins with look at US government surveillance during the civil rights movement, and then move to new online censorship threats in Russia and Ukraine in the...

Netizen Report: Turkey to Tighten Grip on Digital Speech

Is freedom of the press "limited to those who own one”? We hope not! This week, we look at India's increasingly politicized media environment, Turkey's new online censorship bill, and...

Netizen Report: Korean Indy Sites Accused of Producing “Not Real” News

Are anti-protest laws the new black? Is Facebook reading your mind? What if Egypt becomes the de-facto cyber security leader of Africa? These questions and more in this week's Netizen...

Netizen Report: Will Saudi Take the “You” Out of YouTube?

Fresh back from a holiday hiatus, this week we look at post-Snowden fallout in Southeast Asia, activist push-back on censorship in Morocco, and a new site that "translates" terms of...

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