Pernille Baerendtsen

I work as an independent journalist with different assignments related to media, journalism, culture, politics and civil society in Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, Uganda and Denmark. Currently, I'm also a student at Centre for African Studies in Copenhagen, the two-year postgraduate full-time study programme leading to a Masters degree.

In 2000 I moved to Serbia to co-establish the Next Stop Serbia campaign aiming at breaking down stereotypes between Serbs and Danes by promoting civic action and creativity by making people collaborate via personal interests. During the same period of time I also worked with the establishment of South Eastern European Youth Network, enabling ex-Yugoslavian youth joining across new borders.

I lived in West Nile in Northern Uganda from 2005-7 where I worked with South Sudanese refugees and civic education along and across the border to Sudan. I moved on to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania working as information officer for an international NGO for 2½ years.

I've written for Global Voices since about 2008. Mainly on issues related to East Africa and South Sudan.

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