Access Denied Map – ARCHIVED

ARCHIVED: This map was created in 2007 and has not been updated since. Sadly the map no longer works. Content below maintained for reference.

The Map does not aim to index all kinds of web filtering, but rather to provide an overview of online censorship efforts related to the social web and major web 2.0 websites. This project will also track and explore the relationships between anti-censorship groups in different parts of the world who are collaborating to defend the right to access web 2.0 tools and websites.

The Access Denied Map will try to contextualize and situate that battle by focusing on two areas:

  1. The crackdown on web 2.0 websites
  2. Amplifying of local campaigns defending the right to access web 2.0 tools and websites.

The Access Denied Map will lead interested readers to content that enables them to support anti-censorship movements and keeps readers abreast of the filtering situation in various parts of the world. It will also facilitate collaboration between activists, allowing them to find each other, share tactics and strategies and experiences.

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The Access Denied Map does not pretend to be exhaustive. Help expand and improve it by sending us any information you think we should include. You can reach us at our contact page.

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