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China: White-listing the Internet?

  22 December 2009

According to today's the Beijing News and Mingpao, The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) is preparing to white-listing the whole Internet under the pretext of proliferation of pornography on mobile devices. The Beijing News quoted a recent meeting of the MIIT, summarized and explained the policies into 5...

China: Online protest against CNNIC

  22 December 2009

A group of webmasters puts up a protest website called FuckCNNIC to protest against the recent policy that bans individuals from registering CN domain. Last week, the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), the CN domain name supervision body, announced that starting from 21:00 on December 14, 2009, it would...

China: Battle against containment

  17 December 2009

A diagram has been circulated through twitter indicating how netizens in China fight against information blocking and manipulation by state institution in the past few days. Below is a translated version of the diagram. The red flags are government and party institutions involved in information regulation, opinion making and censorship....

China: English news translation platform shut down

  7 December 2009

A popular translation website Yeeyan.com was shut down by Chinese authority last week. The website had been online for two and a half year. It translated news content from English press by a community of volunteers and started collaborating with The Guardian since May 2009. There are some speculation that...