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China: Bridging news on Egypt

  30 January 2011

On 28 of January, when commenting on the political situation in Egypt, the spoke person from Chinese foreign ministry stated that the Chinese government will continue to support the Egyptian government in maintaining social stability and oppose any foreign intervention in Egypt. Since then, the term “Egypt” has been blocked...

China: Censorship pressure from the private sector

  27 January 2011

It is well known that online content providers in China have to follow censorship instructions from various government authorities. However, with the rise of private public relation company, there is an increasing censorship pressure from the private sector. Some of them pay the websites to delete content, some retreat to...

China: A man arrested for micro-blogging about Taxi driver strike

  14 January 2011

According to NDdaily, a man, known as Mr. Zhou, was arrested for micro-blogging a Taxi driver strike at Xianning city in Hubei province on December 19, 2010 under the charge of “organizing a mob to disturb the social order”. He is still under police detention. Mr. Zhou was once a...

China: An alleged list of banned SMS terms

  5 January 2011

Elaine Chow from Shanghaiist reports on an alleged list of banned SMS by major mobile companies in China in 2010. The documents, distributed by @zuola via Twitter, are claimed to be composed by a SMS service company, Boer, which tried to inform their users on all the banned terms adopted...