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China: Youtube confirms blocked. For what reason?

  25 March 2009

Update: Youtube unblocked in March 27 with country preference setting. While Chinese foreign ministry spokesman refused to confirm Youtube had been blocked and stressed that China is not afraid of the Internet, Youtube confirmed yesterday (March 24) its website indeed has been blocked in China since March 23. Video clips...

China: Grass Mud Horse Disappeared in Google and Yahoo Search

  20 March 2009

Two days ago, a notice was distributed among online forum managers asking them not to continue the Grass Mud Horse Hyperbole by active moderation of posts. The latest report from GFW blog is that the term “Grass Mud Horse” has disappeared in Google and Yahoo search engine in China. The...

China: Mourning for Intellectual Websites

  13 March 2009

This week, two more influential websites have been forced to close, one is Pauwang(泡網), one is Wei-cheng Za-Wan(圍城雜文). Pauwang is among one of the longest history BBS in China and it was forced to close on 12 of March, 2009. According to Hecaitou, the BBS is a platform for editor...

China: Youtube On and Off

  6 March 2009

Update: Shizhao from Twitter just reported that youtube is now back to normal (Beijing time March 6: 10:40am). Youtube has been reported blocked in China for two days (March 4-5). According to William Long, netizens failed to access the youtube website since March 4, 8:00pm. The website came back around...

China: Unlicensed websites expelled and blocked

  4 March 2009

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) issued a notice concerning a special action on website licensing and demanded all Internet Service Providers (ISP) to close down websites that do not have Internet Content Provider (ICP) license before 16:00, Feb 24, 2009. The notice also demanded ISPs to...