Oiwan Lam · April, 2010

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China: Over the GFW

  30 April 2010

Jason Ng from Kenengba finished a survey on the background of Chinese Internet users who use circumvention tools for crossing over the Great Fire Wall. He managed to collect 5300 data in 10 days from Twitter, 163 micro blog, Tencent mirco blog, Renren.com and his own blog. Here is his...

China: State Security Law Amendment

  27 April 2010

The latest amendment on State Security Law was submittend to the National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee for review yesterday. The drafted law requires telecom operators and Internet service providers to cooperate with public security and State security authorities on investigations of possible State secret leaks. According to existing practice,...

Taiwan: Police ask for Plurkers’ IPs

  8 April 2010

Plurk is the most popular micro-blogging platform in Taiwan. Recently, in March 29 2010, one of its founder Alvin Woon posted a plurk, saying that he had been receiving letter from police asking for the IP information of some of the plurkers’ accounts. However, the police did not present any...