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China: Be aware of QQ!

  24 September 2009

The Chinese IT company Tencent, operator of the popular QQIM service, will start an international version of QQIM application soon. Fons Tuinstra from China Herald will help to moderate its business section. The English version can be downloaded from here. Now that MSN and twitter are blocked, some see that...

China: Blue Dam activated

  13 September 2009

Beijing government has recently required all Internet service providers (ISPs) and data centers to install a software called Blue Dam in all their servers. According to today's Taiwan Apple Daily News, the Blue Dam has to be activated by today (September 13) or the companies have to subject to punishment....

China: Real name registration

  8 September 2009

In early August, major news portal websites have implemented real name registration. Netizens who want to post comment online have to fill up a registration form that collect data on user's real name, ID card number, contact phone and address. New York Times reported: But in early August, without notification...

China: Netizen compensated for 150-day detention

  1 September 2009

A Shandong netizen Duan Lei was detained by police in February 2009 under the accusation of “defaming” a local party secretary, Guo Feng, at Zhuang Zai town. According to Xinhua report, Duan accused Guo Feng of corruption and selling drug and sex in a KTV. The People's Procuratorate at Cao...